Day 1 - skiing begins

>> Monday, April 06, 2015

After an early breakfast, we got ourselves dressed and ready to head over to Zero Point, where we would collect our ski passes for the week and get our skis and boots. I had expected it to be busy but it wasn't really at all and so we were quite quickly kitted out and ready. As it was the first day, we had already planned to head round to the slopes at South Point, on the far side of the hill,which meant taking the bus from Zero Point. It's a 10 minute journey and there we were, ready to get onto the brand new 6 seater, heated chairlift to the top of the fell.

On the South Slopes, Monday.
Olivia heading down the piste.
Waiting for the bus back to the village.

Above the village on the Front Slopes.
The weather was cloudy but it was a great morning skiing on what were pretty quiet and well groomed slopes. We all enjoyed things and skied until noon when we stopped for some lunch. Our legs were getting quite tired by early afternoon so we returned to the front slopes and skied there for a while on the shorter, steeper slopes before storing our skis and coming home.

In the evening, outside our cottage. Deep snow!

Even here, Sandy can't stop trying diving saves!

View through the sauna window this evening!


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Silja Line - Sweden to Finland

Silja Line - Sweden to Finland
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Viking Line - Sweden to Finland
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Finnlines - Germany to Finland
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