Day 8: Morning in Jyväskylä

>> Saturday, July 11, 2015

As today was the last full day for Anna's folks here, before we take them down to Lahti for their train back to St Petersburg tomorrow, I took them into the centre of Jyväskylä this morning and dropped them off to do some shopping. Meanwhile, Anna, along with Sandy, Olivia, Keith and Arnold and I headed over towards the harbour area to wander about, have ice-creams and relax in the warm sunshine.

By the harbour.
Fiddlers entertain customers at the cafe.
Meanwhile, we enjoy our ice creams.
Keith on the crazy golf course.
Sandy and I watch the goings on.
This is a floating sauna-boat! 
By chance, we came across some mini-golf at the far end of the harbour and so we all enjoyed a game together. That filled the time quite nicely, after which we walked back around to the car park and watched the boats and a guy on a sort of James Bond style backpack that propelled himself up out of the water to a height of at least 50 feet into the air - that was quite something!
This guy with the jet pack went really high in the air around the harbour- see below too!
When we met back up with the shoppers, we headed back home via the S-Market at Vaajakoski and it was interesting for me to observe the things Anna's mum was buying up in great quantities. For example, she bought 10 large 500g packets of filter coffee, for just under 4 euros each. When I asked, she told me the same coffee in St Petersburg is more than 8 euros a packet! It was the same story for salami and various types of bread, as well as even for things such as tomatoes and potatoes, which are nearly 4 times as much in Russia! I knew the Russian prices had rocketed in the past year - inflation is almost 20% there - but I hadn't imagined prices in Finland would be so much cheaper.

Back home for the afternoon, the weather deteriorated a bit, with some showers, but we still swam and enjoyed the sauna, with Keith deciding to head out again this evening for some last laps of the area around the jetty!
Late afternoon swimming and relaxing.


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