Day 13: Shopping, sunshine, a snake and a visit to our hosts!

>> Thursday, July 16, 2015

With Anna on the steps this afternoon.
A lovely morning dawned early as I woke up after a great sleep at around 6.45am this morning. It's an amazing sight, being able to lie in bed and look out over the lake here, with the sunshine rising and the temperature also heading northwards. The intention was to be up early and get away shopping in town by 10.00am , but Anna and I shared a couple of coffees and biscuits and just marvelled at the views while the others were still sleeping.

After breakfast we did get out to Jyväskylä, where we looked in various shops for some things for Keith, as well as Sandy and Olivia, who spent their holiday euros on clothes. I found walking a good bit easier today too, as I was wearing a different support bandage which was tighter and much better at keeping my calf muscle held in place. After a good look around the shops, we stayed in town for lunch, having a great pizza buffet before we headed back via the S-Market at Vaajakoski to the cottage, where the temperature was at its highest this week, and the sun was still beating down on the lake. Anna and I lay in the garden while Sandy, Keith and Olivia swam and took saunas. Anna had spotted a snake sunbathing by a tree this morning before we left, and we saw it again several times this afternoon in the same place. I tried repeatedly to photograph it, as well as film it, but it was extremely elusive, slithering away into the long grass each time we approached!
Keith and I contemplating earlier this afternoon on the jetty!
Olivia goes for a row...
The water shimmers on the lake this evening.
We ate at a more normal time for us, around 5.30pm, as we had a few small presents to take to our hosts, Timo and Lissu, after dinner. They live about 15 minutes away, close to Jyväskylä, in a really beautiful house, and there we had some really delicious coffee, Karelian pies, as well as strawberries and ice cream. While we talked about our fortnight, Olivia had great fun bouncing with Timo's daughter on their huge trampoline in the garden. After an hour or so, we said our goodbyes, and made our arrangements to return next year for the 5th year running to this heavenly place for another fortnight. Although it's been cooler than last year, we've still had decent weather and have all discussed whether we'd like to return (these discussions having included Anna's family too) and the unanimous decision has been that there really is nowhere as beautiful, as peaceful, and as close to good shopping as this tranquil and lovely cottage.

Writing this now, there is a distinct possibility of a storm approaching I think, with the lake now choppy and the wind rising. Could be an interesting night ahead! Also, I'm hopeful that I have managed to rebuild my iPhoto library here on the laptop, so I should, with luck, be able to add the photos that I have taken over the past few days either later tonight or tomorrow, once the rebuilding process has been completed.


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