Day 6 : Perfect weather, perfect skiing

>> Saturday, April 11, 2015

Above and below, we had a surprise visitor to the back door this morning- a wee red squirrel who was happy to eat the bread we left out for him!
With yesterday's fresh snowfall and a very cold night, (as well as a super weather forecast for today) I was hurrying everyone this morning, thinking that as it was Saturday, the slopes would be sure to be full to capacity. We were up at Zero Point to collect our skis right on 9.30am and onto the slopes only a few moments later. The sun was beating down and the skies were an amazing shade of blue as we headed up to our first slope on the chairlift at the Front Slopes.
Half way down run 5.1, heading to Levi Golf at the Eastern Slopes.
On run 6.2 next to T-bar 6.
Also on run 6.2.
Looking back at Liv and Anna on T-bar 7.
Run 7.1 which heads towards South Point.
Run 9.2, to the right of the chairlift at South Point - deserted!
Looking back up run 9.2. What fantastic conditions, even in early afternoon.
Sandy, off piste, on run 8.2, gliding through the trees!
Today, we did what I had been hoping to do all week. We started at the Front Slopes and skied all the way around the mountain, visiting all four areas, from the north slopes, to the East Slopes, where we had coffee and cakes, then on to South Point, where we had lunch, all the while skiing any runs we hadn't previously earlier in the week.

By the time we had lunch at South Point, it was clear that even on the most popular of Levi's slopes, there were many fewer people than normal, which, given the truly fantastic weather, was difficult to believe, or understand! Over lunch, I convinced the others to keep trying new slopes we hadn't already skied, and we therefore continued westwards to the final area we hadn't been to all week- the Gondoli area, scene of the famous G2 Levi Black Run, where each year, the FIS World Cup slalom is held in November.

While Anna and Olivia took an easier route through the trees, Sandy and I tackled this incredibly steep run and it was quite fabulous! Over coffee afterwards, I was quite excited, especially as it had actually been pretty easy to ski quickly down it in full control and making lots of fast turns. On we went afterwards, through the Snow Park and back towards the Front Pistes, finishing with a few runs there, after 4pm. Even at that point, the slopes were still beautifully smooth and fast, with the temperature having hovered around freezing at best up on the higher areas.
Sandy stands above the steepest point of the Levi G2 World Cup Black Run.
Heading up the gondola, Levi Black in the background.
Olivia and Sandy at the top of the Snow Park.
Sandy near the top of run 14.2
The sun goes down on a fabulous week here in Levi.
 A wee refreshment over dinner this evening.
It's been a really tremendous week here in Levi. We've all enjoyed the skiing immensely each day and the weather could not have been better. Anna especially has really improved in confidence and technique and is now attacking red runs with more positivity than I've ever seen. Sandy and Olivia are both accomplished skiers and have had great experience and for me, it has been just brilliant to watch the rest of the family have so much fun.

Finland, as always, has left me feeling that it's something pretty special. The atmosphere in Levi is relaxed in a way that is not comparable in the Alps, and while the slopes may be shorter due to the fact that the fell doesn't have the same altitude as mountains in the Alps, the skiing is still wonderful, with snow conditions that are way better than the ones we have had in France, and with the added bonus of extras such as the huskies, the Northern Lights which we watched for a while late last night and snowmobile safaris etc. Levi will live long in the mind, and hopefully we'll return one day fairly soon.


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